Hazassure is Underwritten by Lloyds of London

Violent Assault Injury

Up to $10,000 per month in tax-free cash payments if you are unable to work as a result of a covered workplace assault.

Accidental Death Coverage

In the event of accidental death – whether on or off duty – beneficiaries can receive up to a $200,000 tax-free cash payment.

Needle Stick Injury & Infection

Up to $200,000 in tax-free benefits for covered events involving infectious diseases such as HIV, Hep-B and Hep-C, and Ebola.

Accidental Dismemberment

Up to $200,000 in a tax-free cash payment depending on the injury.

Affordable Protection

Up to a $200,000 tax-free, lump sum cash payment, in addition to other insurance benefits you may have.

Coverage Cost

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Workplace Violence Accidental Needlestick and Hazard Protection




Public Employees


Income Protection for Employees and Their Families

About Product

Healthcare workers, public safety workers, and teachers are at a very high risk for job-related injuries or illnesses. Every day, thousands of these employees become victims of workplace violence, sharps injuries, and other workplace hazards. Moreover, the injuries can be serious enough to cause the employee to lose days from work. In most cases, workers compensation is not enough, and the result is significant financial hardship and stress for the employee and the employee’s family.

Hazassure is supplemental insurance to protect “at risk” employees from the on-the-job dangers they face every day. For more information, click on the industry -related icon above or call us at 619-400-4963.

About Hazassure

Hazassure was created to provide real protection for the heroes who serve our community. We believe they should not have to suffer serious financial consequences just because they got hurt while trying to help someone else. Underwritten by world-renowned “A”-Rated, Lloyds of London, the low premium rates and benefits are guaranteed.

We understand an employer’s budget can be very tight. At the very least, employers should make Hazassure protection available to their employees as a voluntary benefit. We’ve worked successfully to keep the premiums affordable so that the employees who need Hazassure protection can easily purchase it themselves through payroll deductions.


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